Starting Your Own Import Export Business

In order to start an import-export business, it is important that you start deciding the module of business or the type of company that want to start.

Starting Your Own Import Export Business

In order to start an import-export business, it is important that you start deciding the module of business or the type of company that want to start. Another crucial aspect that need to prioritize is to register your business so you can obtain insurance as well as choosing the niche of your market. You might also want to consider the effective way to approach the contact with whom you want to work.

The first step of starting your import-export business is to determine how you want to progress with your business. As an example, you can choose to focus on export management and help company within your country to find buyers for their products. Otherwise, you can also choose to start an export trading company by making connections with foreign buyers and then find a company in your Indonesia that can meet their demands. If you prefer to buy products from foreign and domestic sellers and then ship and sell the product independently, you might choose to become an import-export businessman. In this way, you may see yourself as some sort of an international free agent.

Once you have decided the type of import-export business that are about to focus, then the next step is certainly to start up your business legally. Generally speaking, this means securing business permits and obtain special licenses or permits that you need in order to run the business. In addition, it is important that you seek insurance before running the business.

There are various models of products and company where you can focus while you start an import-export business. Normally when you start the business, there might be several decision that might be tempting which will eventually pull you in different directions. As a result, you might find it difficult to achieve success. However, instead of following the conventional path, you can always take the courage to choose the best niche product or industry that will become your starting point at the beginning of your business.

Once you begin building a remarkable reputation as well as gaining experience and earning profits, then you can always gradually expand your business the scale that you have always wanted while taking an additional product, industry, and even a new company.

Sometimes the most difficult part of starting an import-export business is also among the most important part. In order to successfully start an import-export business, you will have to figure out which companies you want to target. Once decided, then, you'll need to set up a campaign to encourage them to work with you. Usually, a combination direct communication and marketing approach is effective to start building a partnership. For example, you can use phone calls, email, fax, and postal mail to reach the contact. Additionally, the presentation was often very effective to communicate your vision.

Once you begin to generate income and interest, then you will usually have to work with the purchase and sales managers from various companies. Have a product and a price list can be useful to facilitate the sale. Additionally, you may find that some companies will want to see a sample of products before they buy.

Seeing the potential of starting an international business trade, then it is important for you to start seeking for financial institutions that is capable of accommodating assistance to its customers, particularly for the business community in the export and import sector that significantly grown in the past few years.

Bank Central Asia (BCA) as the largest private bank in Indonesia provides a specific trade assistance for its customers through its BCA Trade services. The Bank is committed to provide a financial solution for both business and individuals, who also supports the accommodation in the export services such as pre-shipment and post-shipment payment that meet the needs of the company's cash flow, through the form of credit exports, negotiation, and discount. As from the import side, BCA serves the issuance of various types of L/C as a guarantee of payment for the companies import transactions.

These are the example of bank facilities that most entrepreneurs could take advantage on it in order to boost the effectiveness of their import-export business. International trade business is here to stay and it is important to choose a reliable partner business to implement the goal. Financial institutions are some of the recommended choices, especially those that carries credible portfolio in trade services.\

Trade BCA, Your Reliable Partner For Trade Transactions.

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